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[Hot Girl] Zhou Weitong

Name: Zhou Weitong
English: Cica zhou
Birthday: August 26, 1982
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 86/60/89cm
Educational level: secondary
Specialties: Singing
Constellation: Virgo
Blood Type: O-type
Interests: swimming, singing, reading
Personality: lively, outgoing
Life motto: We must continue to set goals and the pursuit of goals
The most memorable thing: hear the host announce his award-winning
The most respected person: a teacher
Favorite Model: Cindy
Favorite Occupation: Model
Favorite Cosmetics: Juvena
Favorite clothes: Casual
The most commonly used fragrance: light-type
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite food: fruit, melon seeds
Favorite color: blue, red, black
Favorite hairstyle: straight hair, a long paragraph
Favorite Sports: Swimming
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite city: Shanghai
Favorite holiday: Christmas

Zhou WeitongI like to sing....

Zhou Weitonga lot of song....

Zhou WeitongI like to swim....

Zhou WeitongThis is my bikini....

Zhou WeitongMy sleeping dress....

Zhou WeitongMy relax costume....

Zhou WeitongWill you accompany me ?

Zhou Weitongof course dear....

Zhou Weitongget rid of your towel....

Zhou Weitongand we can start to talk biz....

Zhou WeitongWell , now what ?

Zhou Weitongspeechless....

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